SAW Generator BSG

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The BELEKTRONIG SAW generator BSG is used to control SAW actuators at professional applications in acoustofluidics. It integrates network analyzer, frequency generator, power amplifier and meter in a compact device. It therefore replaces the cost-intensive and complex setups that have been necessary for SAW actuators so far. The SAW actuators are controlled by a high frequency alternating voltage with variable frequency and amplitude. The optimum excitation frequency is automatically tracked and adjusted in case of deviations.

Additional Functions

A variety of other functions have been implemented specifically for R & D projects in the area of Acoustofluidics. The dual-channel version offers a possibility to synchronize frequency, amplitude, and phase. This allows to easily generate standing waves for acoustic tweezers. The Trigger I/O can be used, for example for controlling external cameras.

Key Features

  • Compact, portable device
  • Simplifies acoustofluidic experiments (time and cost savings)
  • Intuitive operation - even without special knowledge in high-frequency technology
  • Frequency range 5 to 215 MHz
  • Power range 40 μW to 4 W
  • Phase position -180 to +180° adjustable
  • Scalar network analyzer (S-parameter) to characterize the SAW actuators
  • Automatic tracking of the optimum excitation frequency
  • Continuous or pulse operation with variable duty cycle
  • Automatic and manual operating modes
  • USB interface
  • Supplied with PC software, USB driver, LabView VIs


SAW Generator BSG F10 F20
Frequenzy range [MHz] 5...215 5...215
Frequency resolution [Hz] 1 1
Accuracy of frequency [ppm] 10
Output power 40 µW...4 W 40 µW...4 W
|S11| yes yes
|S21|, |S12|, |S22| no yes

TECHNIcal Data

Frequency Control
Frequency range 5...215 MHz
Frequency resolution 1 Hz
Accuracy of frequency 10 ppm typ.
Re-adjusting of optimal excitation frequency Fully automatically, re-adjusting-interval adjustable
Scan parameters and scan ranges Adjustable
Modes of operation of frequency control (1) Power measurement, output signal switched off
(2) Frequency generator (manual mode)
(3) Automated detection and re-adjustment of minima/maxima
(4) Channel 2 synchronized with channel 1
Output power
Signal shape AC, sinusoidal
Power adjustable 40 µW...4 W at 50 Ω
Pulsed operation (amplitude modulation) PWM up to 100 Hz
Sampling rate adjustable
Phase adjustable
Modes of operation of output power (1) Adjustable on the device panel
(2) Adjustable via PC
(3) Channel 2 synchronized with channel 1
Adjustable limits
Safe against short-circuit power and open-circuit voltage
Automated switch off in case of errors
Output Phase
Adjustable phase -180...180°
Trigger Input and Output
2x Trigger Input To trigger the output singal by external devices (e.g. via PC)
2x Trigger Output For controlling external devices (e.g. cameras)
Power Measurement, S-Parameter
Measurement of the back and forth power wave
Detection of S-parameters |S11|, |S21|, |S12|, |S22|
Functionality of a scalar network analyzer Frequency dependent characterization of the connected device
USB 2.0 Including drivers for virtual COM port
Software Control
PC software BSG Soft Adjust the settings of SAW Generator BSG, continuously characterize and monitor SAW actuators conditions in operation
LabView VIs
ASCII command set
Power Supply, Dimensions and Conditions of Operation
Power supply 24 V (maximal 65 W)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 285 x 250 x 100 mm³
Weight ∼3.5 kg
Operating temperature 10...45°C
Relative humidity 0...80 %, not condensating
Scope of delivery
SAW Generator BSG
Power supply
SMA cable
Termination resistor 50 Ω
USB cable
PC software BSG Soft Download link


Datasheet (german / english)
Product brochure SAW Generator BSG-LAB-F-Series ( english)

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