• Beispielbild des Labortemperaturreglers HAT Control - B20 (schwarzes Gehäuse, blau leuchtendes Display) Benchtop Temperature Controller BTC-LAB-A2000
  • Beispielbild für die Hauptansicht der PC-Software HAT Soft Pro zur Bedienung von BELEKTRONIG Temperturreglern Always part of scope of delivery, the PC software BTC Soft
  • BELEKTRONIG exemplary set showing benchtop temperature controller together with plate cooler/heater and connecting cables Exemplary set: Benchtop Temperature Controller and Plate cooler/heater with matching accessories



The BELEKTRONIG benchtop temperature controllers of the BTC series are used to control heating or Peltier elements in a professional way. Their accurate temperature measurement up to 0.001°C combined with the extended PID-algorithm and the high-resolution output power allows a precise adjustment of even the smallest temperature deviations. All units of the series are built compact and robust and offer a high operating comfort and numerous additional functions.

Additional Functions

The controller features several built-in safety functions. In case of a detected defect, e.g. at a sensor or a short circuit the controller switches its output off automatically. Adjustable limitations allow the usage of many different types of Heating and Peltier elements. In addition, the controller can take over the fan control if required.

Key Features

  • Compact, easy-to-use laboratory instrument
  • 3 different temperature resolutions: 0.1°C, 0.01°C, 0.001°C
  • Measurement range: -200...800°C
  • DC control output up to 270 W (maximal 10 A)
  • Fan control output
  • USB port
  • Freely usable command set
  • Digital PID control algorithm
  • Separate PID parameter for heating and cooling
  • Versatile setting options for PID parameters, limitations, etc. (current, temperature, voltage)
  • Supplied with PC software, USB driver, command set, LabView VIs


Our benchtop temperature controller are available in six different configurations:
Name: BTC-LAB-A10A20A100 A200 A1000A2000
Temperature resolution [°C] 0.1 0.1 0.01 0.01 0.001 0.001
Regelgenauigkeit [°C]
±0,01 ±0,01 ±0,003 ±0,003
Anzahl Temperaturregelausgänge1 1 11 11
Number of temperature sensors inputs1 21 21 2
Number of fan outputs1 21 21 2


Temperature Measurement
Measurement range -200 ... +800°C
Resolution 0.1°C; 0.01°C; 0.001°C
Sampling rate 10 Hz
Useable types of temperature sensors PT100, PT1000, (NTC, PTC on request)
Measurement uncertainty ±0.05°C
Temperature coefficient 0.05 mK/K
Calibration options for sensors
Temperature Control
Digital PID control algorithm
Separate PID parameter for heating and cooling
Adjustable temperature limits
Automated switch off in case of errors
Modes of Operation
4 modes of operation to regulate Peltier elements (1) Manual control
(2) Heating operation only
(3) Cooling operation only
(4) Heating and cooling
2 modes of operation to regulate heating elements (1) Manul control
(2) Heating operation only
Control Output
DC output with adjustable voltage -27...27 V, maximal 10 A
Adjustable voltage limits E.g. to maximal 12 V, 24 V or etc.
Adjustable current limits E.g. to maximal 7.8 A etc.
On request Medical approved power supply
Current Measurement on Control Output
Resolution 0,3 A (active with 3.4 V output voltage)
Fan control output
DC output 0...12 V, maximal 300 mA
2 modes of operation for fans (1) Manual control
(2) Associated with temperature control output
USB 2.0 Including drivers for virtual COM-Port
On request RS232
Software Control
PC software BTC Soft Adjust controller settings, measuring, monitoring and recording temperature curves
LabView VIs
ASCII command set
Dimensions and Conditions of Operation
Dimensions (L x W x H) 226 x 172 x 91 mm³
Weight ∼3.2 kg
Operating temperature 10...45°C
Relative humidity 0...80 %, not condensating
Scope of Delivery
Benchtop temperature controller
Power and USB cable
Matching connector plug 8polar If controller is ordered without connecting cables
PC software BTC Soft
Download link


Datasheet (german / english)
Product brochure benchtop temperature controller BTC-LAB-A-Series (english)



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