OEM OuTPUT filter BOF-2

  • BELEKTRONIG oem output filter for smoothing pwm signals The BELEKTRONIG output filter BOF-2
  • side-by-side mounting example of oem output filter with BELEKTRONIG built-in temperature controller "Syde-by-side", space-saving mounting option for analytical instruments with low height
  • Piggypack, space saving mounting example of oem output filter below BELEKTRONIG built-in temperature controller "Piggyback", space-saving mounting option for laboratory equipment with a small footprint



The BELEKTRONIG OEM output filter BOF-2 converts an AC voltage into a DC voltage. It filters PWM signals up to 10 A and 36 V, in a frequency range of 1...50 kHz. In combination with the built-in temperature controllers from BELEKTRONIG, the output voltage of the controller can be limited to the permissible values for the used Peltier element, such as 2.2 V or 8.7 V, regardless of the rated voltage of the power supply. In addition, the output filter BOF-2 significantly reduces the induction currents accompanying the PWM signal, preventing crosstalk to sensitive measurement electronics.
Notes: The OEM output filter BOF-2 is not suitable for pure AC signals. An input voltage UIn > 0 V is required.

Key Features

  • OEM high power LC filter
  • Limits the output voltage of PWM signals
  • Controlling Peltier elements regardless of the rated voltage of the used power supply
  • Reduces EMC influences at the voltage output
  • Optimized for operation with BELEKTRONIG built-in temperature controllers


Electrical Properties
Permissible operating current 0...10 A
Permissible operating voltage 0...36 V
PWM input frequency 1…50 kHz
Attenuation / residual ripple 40 dB (starting with 5 kHz)
Internal resistance 0.04 Ω
Dimensions and Conditions of Operation
Dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 80 x 55 mm³
Weight ∼0.95 kg
Operating temperature 10...45°C
Relative humidity 0...80 %, not condensating
Scope of Delivery
OEM output filter BOF-2
Assembly material 4 spacer M3x14
4 spacer M3x60
8 allen screws M3x8


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