Accessories for SAW Generators




HF Power Combiner / Splitter BPC-10

›  Allows to summarize the two channels of the SAW Generator BSG

›  Transferable power combiner [W]:  2 x 4

›  Transferable power splitter [W]:       1 x 8

›  Frequency range [MHz]:                       5...215

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HF Power Switch BPS-300

›  Is used for fast switching of an RF input signal between the two output channels

›  Switching time [ns]:            300

›  Transferable power [W]:   0...10

›  Frequency range [MHz]:    5...215

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Connecting cables


Trigger Cable

›  5polar cable to connect the trigger-in and -outputs of the SAW Generator with the peripheral surrounding devices

›  Cable length [m]: 2